May 18, 2018

Kids Week 2018 • Anderson Valley

Kids Week 2018

Kids Week is safe and fun.

Kids Week is a yearly summer event at Family Life Christian Center. Kids experience three days of new friends, active games, explorational activities, memorable music, and inspiring adventures.

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Volunteer Here!

As we get ready for another awesome Kids Week, we are reminded that we cannot do it without our volunteers. Thank you for choosing to give your time to the kids or our community. You are making a difference in these kids’ lives!

All Kids Welcome!

Kids Week is for ages 3 to 4 (preschool) and ages 5 to entering 5th grade (elementary). Preschool age kids have their own program with activities geared toward younger ages. Some older kids (going into 6th grade) who have been to kids week might like to help out and can ask about being a junior leader.  Kids entering 6th grade and older, register as a volunteer—you’re an important part of our program and no experience is required to volunteer! Kids enjoy arts & crafts, games, science exploration, making treats they eat, adventures, and more—they enjoy all this with friends that last forever.

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